10 Cries Of A Father. Dedicated To All The Good Fathers In The World.

A father’s heart is a reservoir of both spiritual and physical inheritance and unless it is unlocked the future of the next generation is doomed. In it is the irreplaceable voice of wisdom and experience deposited by God himself.

If we understand what a father needs, then we have found the key to unlock a father’s heart. What then does a father need?

1. To Have Sons Who Honour Him (Malachi 1:6). Where there is no honour there is no blessing and the absence of a blessing means the presence of a curse.

2. To Have Sons Who Are Available (Mark 3:14). The presence of a son should be felt by his father and the internet should never replace being there physically.

3. To Have Sons Who Trust His Advice And Judgement. Although every father knows his children are not perfect they must be willing to be nurtured.

4. To Have Grateful Sons. Jesus healed ten lepers and only one was made whole(complete) because he was grateful. Being thankful attracts the full blessing.
5. To Have Sons Who Look Beyond His Gift. Though there are certain gifts which operate seasonally, the connection between a father and a son should never be seasonal.

6. To Have Sons Who Are Not Double Minded (James 1:8). Those who are double minded are very unstable in all their ways.

7. To Have Sons Who Open Up When Offended. Every genuine father knows he is not perfect. Rather than leaving a father because he has offended you, why don’t you try to open up in a godly way

8. To Have Sons Who Submit And Not Problems That Submit.
Some people submit because of their problems and as soon as the problems go that’s the last time you will see them
9. To Have Loyal Sons. Connecting to a father is based more on character than gifting, remember Lucifer was very gifted but failed to be loyal. Being gifted does not guarantee loyalty.

10. To Be Loved And Appreciated By His Sons. Love is not love until it is expressed, every son and daughter should express his/her love both in words and action.

In a nutshell the basic need of a father is to have responsible sons who submit whole heartedly.

Written By Apostle Adolphas Chibanda

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Prophet Brian Mundopa Is Called To Minister Healing and Deliverance Through The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Order To Raise Up Strong Ministries in The Body of Christ. Prophet Brian Mundopa
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