Overcoming The Spirit Of Adultery with Prophet Brian Mundopa

Adultery is mostly known as sexual relations between a married person and another person who is not their married spouse. However, there is emotional adultery and visual adultery.

Emotional Adultery: When someone discusses or her sex life and experiences with someone, not his or her spouse.

Visual Adultery: 
This is committing adultery with your eyes that goes beyond physically touching someone other than your spouse. This is when you intentionally direct your eyes towards a person or body because it looks sexually appealing to you.

Kind David a man after God's heart wrestled with sexual sin. When he saw a beautiful woman Bathsheba he was overcome by his own lust. David found his way home and God forgave him. (2 Samuel 11:12)

Causes of Adultery:

1. Pornography:
- It will make men view women as sex objects.
- It creates unrealistic expectations of sexual practices that spouses maybe unwilling to fulfil.
- It's linked to crimes of rape and sexual abuse.
- It can become psychologically ally addictive leading men to crave for more sexual fantasies.

2. Providing inappropriate emotional comfort for a person of the opposite sex who is not your spouse.

3. Discussing your marriage life issues and problems with a person who is not your spouse.
Overcoming The Spirit Of Adultery with Prophet Brian Mundopa
4. Becoming unattractive to your spouse.

5. Lack of communication and fellowship with your spouse.

6. Failure to develop an interest in sexual activities with your spouse. In most cases its the husband who turns on the wife and the wife will assume that traditionally she can't turn on her husband it will be like she will be a prostitute.

7. Failure to sustain interest in one another.

8. A couple only comes together only fortnight.

9. Turning down your spouse's sexual interest advances frequently and complaining that you cannot have sex because you are tired.

10. A male and female working in the same room for long hours.

11. Failure to share the same bedroom with your spouse because of an argument.

12. Many guys want virgins after having sex with them they dump them yet they have not kept their virginity

13. Shouting and insulting your spouse.

14. You always say to your spouse I will divorce you and some will say I blame myself for marrying you.

15. You always say to your spouse that I don't think we are meant for one another and you are not there when I need you.

How to overcome adultery:
1. Be faithful and be satisfied with your spouse.

2. Don't live in isolation you are less likely to be tempted if you are surrounded by family and friends.

3.Fear God and be obedient to His word

4. Pray together. A couple that prays together stays together.

5. Repent. Live a sanctified life, humble yourself and go and see God's Servant for spiritual guidance.

6. Resist the devil and he will flee away from you. Joseph had to run away from Potiphar when she wanted to sleep with him otherwise he was going to commit adultery.

7. Avoid closer relationships with people that are the opposite sex.
8. Wear your wedding rings always.

9. Sit by your spouse in Church.

10. Be sexually active and infuse some excitement into marriage.

11. Avoid long-distance separation.

12. Get rid of pornography.

13. Do things together.

14. Develop a deeper level of emotional intimacy. That is spending your time together, sharing your lives together and communicating.

15. Never do all the talking without listening to the other side.

16. Never argue to win learn to compromise.

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Prophet Brian Mundopa Is Called To Minister Healing and Deliverance Through The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Order To Raise Up Strong Ministries in The Body of Christ. Prophet Brian Mundopa
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