Prophetic Alert - The Devil Is Initiating Little Children Into Satanism (BEWARE!)

God showed me in a vision of how the devil is busy initiating little children into Satanism.

Satan uses people that parents and their children trust such as school teachers, pre-school teachers, nurses and even doctors so that it will be easy for them to accept initiation.

Some evil spirits are sent through television and media. Especially mermaid cartoons, cartoons with witches and any cartoon that will demonstrate supernatural powers and most children they like these cartoons. Stop your children to watch these cartoons through watching them demons will be transferred to them and that will affect their future.

Some of the pre-schools and schools you send your children to are not right you must first pray and investigate about that school before you send your child to that school otherwise your child will be initiated into Satanism and taken for rituals at that school and he will start to do funny things and you will wonder where your child got that kind of behaviour and you will end up seeing you child even failing to honour and respect you.
Prophetic Alert - The Devil Is Initiating Little Children Into Satanism (BEWARE!)

Be alert of these things before it's too late so that you may raise your children in the way of the Lord, Proverbs 22:6.

Satan wants to teach children his ways at a tender age because children are open to anything so that they should never depart from it. He wants their souls and also wants to use them to bring many other souls to hell and recruit more people into Satanism.

This happens even in places we suspect the least. It is widespread and not only at one school. This initiation is also happening at other places such as Universities, Colleges, Hospitals. Lectures initiate students, nurses and doctors initiate patients and vice versa and it is happening at an extremely fast pace and is extremely widespread but all is kept secret.
God, we commit our children unto You, we pray that you protect them and order their steps. We pray that you help us guide them and teach them your ways. Father create in them a teachable spirit and obedient hearts and help them to always do what is right. We pray that they will not be lured into wayward behaviour by the devil, they will not fall into the snare and deception of the enemy so that they will not be initiated into satanism and all evil.

For those doing exams, we pray that you give them success, help them to be heads and not tails.

Lord help our children to grow in Your ways, to embrace good morals.


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Prophet Brian Mundopa Is Called To Minister Healing and Deliverance Through The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Order To Raise Up Strong Ministries in The Body of Christ. Prophet Brian Mundopa
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