The Power Of A Blessing!

I thank God for my Spiritual Father Bishop Pride Sibiya, my Prophet, my Teacher and my Mentor. For me to be what I am today it is because of his prayers and blessings.

I learnt from him that the blessing is the empowerment for you to prosper. The opposite of a blessing is a curse, the empowerment for you to fail. I prophesy and declare that blessed is you are going in and you are going out. You are the head and never the tail. Abrahams blessings are yours too and you shall not struggle again. I declare that your dry season is over. Joseph only needed one man that is Pharoah to change his life and that was his channel of a blessing. I release blessings over your life so that God can send people to bless you as His channel of blessings.

Proverbs 10:22: The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it. New King James Version

When you receive a blessing from a father it means that you have received the permission and authorization for you to prosper. You must understand what the blessing can do for you.

Many people give up so easily yet they should have been promoted and almost hit their breakthrough. Never give up for your blessings you have to fight for it. I want you to fight for your blessing today. Fight for your success, education, promotion, house, anointing, car, breakthrough, new opportunities, wedding, new job, business. From the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffered violent only the violent shall take it by force. I want you to be violent and take your blessings by force.

When a Son and Daughter leave out their family without their father's blessing they activate a curse & the spirit of defeat from the devil. A lot of people are struggling in life because of living under a curse. God want to turn that curse into a blessing.

Honouring your father will make you get an endorsement from your father. That means that your father will put his name and signature on the blessing. You will carry his DNA wherever you go and the supernatural power of God will overtake you. I see the blessing of God all over you. Everything that your father has you are entitled to possess it. The contacts, connections, favour, true inheritance, blessings, wealth are part of the endorsement that is waiting for you to be submissive to your father.

Blessings represent dominions, territories and dimensions. I release the blessing for you to walk in dominion. Walk-in financial dominion. Walk-in political dominion. The blessing will not make you poor, it will not add sorrow. The moment you are blessed you are authorized to excel to prosper and to be a blessing. Your debts can be paid out in the twinkle of the eye. You cannot own a house or a car and say that you are blessed yet you are struggling to pay it. The Shunamite woman got a blessing from Prophet Elisha and she was debt-free. May you receive the same blessing and may your life be restored in Jesus name.

The blessing protects and preserves you. May God protect and preserve you and your family from coronavirus.

May God protects you from backsliding and that fire you have for God may God increase it for His glory.
The Power Of A Blessing!
Dishonouring your parents will make you get a curse.

If you are a servant you cannot enjoy the blessing of a father you have to be a Son. There is no inheritance for a servant. You carry the DNA of the father meaning that you act in your father's footsteps. When you serve you will qualify for the inheritance as a Son. As a Son continue to serve in the house and in the ministry. You have an accumulative inheritance that is about to be released by God. You earn the right to possess the blessing and service is what qualifies you.

Some people stop serving because of having attitude problems and it disqualifies them to get a blessing from their father. I saw a lot of people running in circles because of stopping to serve and I realized that there is a special anointing that you get and a blessing when you serve. Comparing the status those people had when they used to serve and after they stopped to serve there were a drastic change and a disgrace. 

Don't stop to serve otherwise you will end up affecting your progress in life. God gives grace to the humble. I will continue to serve in Glory Ministries that is where my blessing is. I encourage you to serve where your blessing is.

I remove every curse of running in circles, sickness and poverty.
I turn every curse into a blessing.
I command every evil spirit that was holding your success to come out.
I release the Fathers blessing.
I declare that everything that you touch with your hands will prosper.
I empower you to prosper.
I command you to prosper.
I declare there is a great anointing of a mega blessing.
I release preservation, protection and provision.

May you be procted from any deadly disease.

May you be a blessing to many.

Shout I am blessed!

Prophet Brian Mundopa

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Prophet Brian Mundopa Is Called To Minister Healing and Deliverance Through The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Order To Raise Up Strong Ministries in The Body of Christ. Prophet Brian Mundopa
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