The Importance Of Prayer - A Must Read!

Prayer is the most important thing on earth and it is not an option it’s a requirement to all believers.

When Jesus Christ taught His disciples how to pray He said to them they must ask the daily bread from God through prayer showing them the importance of prayer that it must be done daily. God needs access on earth through your prayers so if you don’t pray he will not get access on earth. 

A lot of people complain saying God has forsaken them yet it’s all because of their fault because of failing to give God access on earth through lack of prayer. We need to have a lifestyle of prayer. 

When man prays he or she will have power over the devil and will give God access on earth to interfere on earthly matters because mankind was given dominion over the earth by God. Stay on your knees If you want answered prayers.

1. What Happens On Earth Depends On Mankind:

Matthew 18:18 Verily I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. King James Version

Prayer is the only thing that commands heaven. When God speaks his word becomes law & God will never violet his word. That means that whatever you bind on earth heaven will respond in the same way. You just need to say a word open your mouth and speak a word then it will be done. You have the power to bind any spirit. God is looking for people to use on earth. 

The problem is that most people are becoming too busy for God and that is making them not to have tangible results. Becoming too busy for God is becoming too busy for the anointing. Some are becoming busy to attend church services yet social gatherings and parties don’t miss any event. When God created the animals he gave them to Adam to give man access to the things happening on the earth. 

Adam had to name everything that was created by God because he was given dominion and authority over everything on earth. Showing him that whatever happens on earth it will depend on mankind.

2. Prayer Empowers You To Overcome Temptations:

Jesus said pray that you may not get into the temptation as the disciples were sleeping during the time of prayer. Sleeping became a temptation to disciples. Sleeping is becoming a temptation to most people especially when you want to study the word of God and pray you will end up sleeping because the devil does not want you to be empowered. 

So you need to pray that you may not get into temptation. If you are facing temptations like smoking and drinking beer that is a sign of lacking prayer and a sign of not being born again. Lack of prayer results in you having a life filled with more fleshly desires than focusing more on your spirit. 
The Importance Of Prayer - A Must Read!
 The Importance Of Prayer - A Must Read!
Big temptations attack your assignment so have to be strong and continue to be prayerful for you to overcome that challenge.

3. Prayer Is More Important Than Power:

A lot of people want power than prayer. Prayer is not cheap you have to pay the price and sacrifice and have time with God. Apostle James was a man of power but that power was not able to save him from being killed by Herod. 

The church did nothing when James was taken by Herod but when Peter was taken into jail the church had to wake up and prayed. Through the power of prayer Peter was released from the prison their prayers were heard by God in such a way that God had to interfere in earthly affairs and assigned an angel to deliver Peter from death that he was facing. If you pray someone will come out of prison don’t laugh at someone’s situation rather pray for that person. 

Prayer is the key that opened the prison where Peter was. The devil is not afraid of your title how good you preach, the miracles you perform, your money, your fame and your giving he is afraid when you get to your knees and pray.

4. When You Pray You Are Preserved and Protected:

Daniel was a man of prayer he was protected by God in the den of lions. Shadreck, Misheck and Abednego were protected by God in the blast furnace of fire. When you enter Gods presence you will be like Him filled with His Glory and you will be protected.

5. Prayer Puts A Brand New Person On You:

Your first priority must be prayer. The more you pray the more the Holy Spirit in your life. The power of God is released through prayer because our life is dependent on prayer. Don’t give up you are almost closer to your miracle. Prayer will make you be clothed with a brand new person in such a way that your old self will depart from you. 

Prayer has the power to clean all sins including the secret sins that most people have and to others no matter how they pray its difficult for them to leave it until they are fully delivered. Prayer changes your desires, appetites and love for God. 

Lack of prayer kills the hunger of God and the love of God.

6. Prayer Eliminates Destruction From the Devil:

Prayerlessness it brings open doors to demons but prayer can shut Satan out of your life. If you don’t pray Satan will come and destroy your life. When you pray you to empower God and the angels. When Moses was praying he strengthen the spiritual world the bible says that when his hands were going down he was defeated and the more he lifted his hands up the more he won the battle.

The life of Jesus will be poured into your life according to the amount of time you spend in prayer. Every time you pray you to breathe in God, taking in heaven and blow out the earth. If you don’t pray you to breathe in the world and its fleshly desires and kill your spirit.

7. Prayer Fulfils The Promises of God:

If God gives you a promise he waits for you to pray. God promised us that the Holy Spirit will come the Apostles had to pray for 10 days for the Holy Spirit to come until the scriptures were fulfilled.

If you want God to fulfil His promises over your life you have to pray without ceasing. A day will not pass whilst you have not eaten anything if you have not eaten anything you will feel that something is wrong. Prayer must be your daily food if you don’t pray you to feel empty.

8. When You Pray God Will Answer:

It is not every prayer that God answers but it is who is praying that God answers. During the time of Elijah, I believe that most people were praying for rain to come but God did not answer them because God was looking for someone with an extraordinary anointing. 

Elijah had to pray for rain to come and it came through the power of prayer he was the only one who was answered by God. There are certain people that will not come for salvation unless you decide to pray. God might be waiting for your prayer for that breakthrough to happen.

Your prayer life determines the level of things that you can get access to. You cannot receive a holy life if you don’t live a prayerful life. Don’t fail to pray. Trials will not bring you down if you are a man and woman of prayer. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. You cannot be defeated unless you allow the devil to do so. 

The reason you are powerless and empty is that you don’t have time to pray. Our spiritual energy levels will go down and our strength will go down if we don’t pray.

I declare miracles, new power, new anointing, a shift in the spirit over your life, let our prayers shake heaven and the earth. It's your turn to make a decision and stick to it to pray. May God empowers you when you pray and make your prayers bring change.

This is your day!

Allow Jesus to be your personal Lord and Saviour.

Stay Blessed and Be Spirit-Filled!

Prophet Brian Mundopa

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Prophet Brian Mundopa Is Called To Minister Healing and Deliverance Through The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Order To Raise Up Strong Ministries in The Body of Christ. Prophet Brian Mundopa
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