Five Ways Demons Enter A Person and Seven Ways To Get Deliverance!

In this simple, but powerful, article you will learn what are the five main entry points demons use to enter a person.

Jesus has given his church authority and power over serpents and scorpions and over all the powers of the enemy. Learn this important information about the enemy and use it for a life of victory.

Five Ways Demons Enter A Person:

1. Through Objects: Objects are a channel through which power can flow and demons can be transferred through that. 

I once visited another lady and saw a candle stand that had an image of a snake with a tail displayed in her house. As I was doing deliverance the whole family discovered that they were under attack because of that object that was transferring demons to everyone. 
Five Ways Demons Enter A Person and Seven Ways To Get Deliverance!
Five Ways Demons Enter A Person and Seven Ways To Get Deliverance!
Thank God they were delivered through the power of God. Some are given evil cloths by Sangomas to blindfold them. Some of the clothes are black, white and gold in colour. The black one they are told that it's for casting out the spirit of bad luck and the white one for peace and gold for them to make money not knowing that they have been initiated into witchcraft. 

I once delivered a certain lady who surrendered these types of clothes and gave her life to Jesus she had spiritual spouses that came through these objects. 

Thank God she was delivered through our prayers and managed to get married and she is enjoying her marriage and these spirits did not want her to have a baby. But we thank God she was delivered and was blessed with a bouncing baby.

2. Self-imposed Curses: These are curses that people normally do cursing themselves for example telling yourself that you are done with life, you will never do anything well, you will never get married, you will die poor or you will never get the job of your choice and you will remain a slave. 

You will invite demons into your life.

3 Rebellion: A rebel is a person who resists authority and control. Satan is the rebel who left the service of God and became an enemy of God. The spirit of the devil operates in those who come against those in authority, especially in ministry. The aim of the devil is to destroy the work of God that is being built and to put confusion for people to have divisions in their families and ministry.

4. Places:  Church is a place of freedom and when you are in church you feel a sense of peace. In other places, you don’t have freedom. 

I need you to know that there are territorial Spirits. Some places are dedicated to the devil there was bloodshed and people were murdered as a sacrificial offering of the devil. If you want to prosper in business or in ministry before you launch it you have to defeat the giant of that area then you will get the victory. 

Otherwise, you will never be successful. That is the reason why most people's business that are faithful they run them for a short time and end up collapsing same as the ministry. These spirits want people to dedicate their lives to them.

People not saved some of them they do official opening of their houses and dedicate them to evil spirits if you rent one if those house dedicated to the devil the evil spirits might affect you wanting you to dedicate your life to them. There is a need of spiritual cleansing of your house to cast out evil spirits and dedicate your house to God. 

When you move to a new home pray for that house you never know the sacrifices that were done there.

5. Through Media: The enemy has certain strategies he uses in order to transfer demons to people. Have you ever seen that on the social networks or on YouYube videos more views is on ungodly videos and that’s where you see more likes. It’s all because the devil uses those platforms to transfer demons as he sees a lot of people's weaknesses in loving ungodly things.

Media that the devil can use our cell phones, the internet, books, magazines and video games. You have to monitor your children because media can be a threat to them and they can open up to demons. Therefore watch and pray. We once delivered a certain lady with my wife who had manifested a demon after watching a porn video on her laptop. 

When we arrived at her place she was rolling her tongue like a snake. We casted out the evil spirit that came after watching a porn movie and the lady was set free.

Seven Ways To Get Deliverance:

1. Put on the full armour of God. Read Ephesians 6:10-18

2. Repent.

3. Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and your family members.

4. Ask God for angelic protection.

5. Live a sanctified life or else something worse might happen to you.

6. Get rid of ungodly movies and porn movies and never let your kids watch mermaid movies demons can be transferred through these movies.

7. Surrender all objects that you have once been given by agents of the devil to a trusted Servant of God and seek deliverance and spiritual guidance.

I pray that God may deliver you from all the spirits that have been attacking you. I close all the open doors by the blood of Jesus. Receive your deliverance. I declare that you are free.

This is your day!

Allow Jesus to be your personal Lord and Saviour.

Stay Blessed and Be Spirit-Filled!

Prophet Brian Mundopa

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Prophet Brian Mundopa Is Called To Minister Healing and Deliverance Through The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Order To Raise Up Strong Ministries in The Body of Christ. Prophet Brian Mundopa
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